Real estate is an as a business niche that is attracting a lot of investors. It is being accelerated by the rising demand for decent and affordable houses by people. This calls for the need to bid more houses. A lot of investors are taking loans to build houses and sell or rent them to willing customers. Several real estate investors are making a great fortune from it. No doubt it is a profitable business investment.

After building a condo, apartment or a residential home, real estate investors really have a hard time determining the condo price. They might overvalue or undervalue the houses they have built. This is an occurrence that is always witnessed in new real estate investors mostly. Fortunately, here are some of the things to put into consideration when estimating a new condo launch price:


• Finance costs

In most cases, real estate investors use bank loans to finance the construction of houses. As always loans attract interests that ought to be paid alongside the loan amount. In your attempt to estimate the new launch price, ensure you incorporate that finance cost incurred. The launch price should contribute to compensating for the loan you took alongside the interest it attracted. This is how you get to recover your money and ultimately start earning profits from real estate.

• Administrative costs

There are some administrative costs you will incur as an investor. These costs include wages and salaries for your staff that helped you in developing this project. The staff includes managers, advertisers, and maintenance staff. These people ought to be paid well in order to ensure your real estate business runs in the best way possible. All the administrative costs to be incurred should be considered when setting a new launch price.

• Marketing and sales costs

Once you have constructed your houses, you have to market them in order to start making sales. You will incur serious costs in promoting your real estate property. Such an expense should be considered when it comes to determining a new launch pricelist will ensure you do not undervalue your property.

Land cost

You will need land where your property will stand. This land comes at a cost. In fact, you might spend a lot of money when it comes to acquiring land. The cost of purchasing land should be recovered once you have had your property in place and you have set a launch price. Ensure you arrive at a condo price that will recover the money spent on acquiring land.

Construction cost

You will need an architect, contractor, casual laborers, and other significant labor in order to put up your property. These workers will be subjected to a salary which you have to take care of. In fact, you need to pay them well for them to do some great job. There are construction materials you will need to purchase while putting up your property. All that cost incurred when constructing a house for sale should be compensated through the new launch price. So incorporate this cost during the estimation of a condo price.


The above costs are very vital in determining a condo price. Ensure you consider them always. They will help you in finding the right value for your property.