Are you a first time home buyer? How best do you understand your floor plan? Everyone who wants to build must be able to interpret their floor plans. Floor plan interpretation is sometimes a challenge as you will always find it written in a symbolic language. However, if you can understand it, you will be in a position of figuring out the outcome of the building.

Most home buyers are only able to know the number of rooms from a floor plan. Understanding this 2D projection needs one to equip themselves with some basic knowledge. The knowledge will help you to the presentation details on where the door, the windows, plumbing features, and appliances are from the plan.


Doors are an essential part of any building. The first thing to look for is the main entrance of the building. This will help you understand how the building will be and how the rooms will be connected. From the plans, the doors are usually thin rectangle drawings with a quarter circle symbol. On the plan, you will also see an arc of the door symbol. This symbol will help you know the direction in which the woo will swing to.


Windows are essential in any building. They will help in ventilation of the room as well as allowing natural light to the room. From your plan, the windows are usually indicated by hollow lines by the wall.


Walls are the essential part building as it wears most of the weight of the building. They are two types of wall, that is the structural and the non-structural wall walls. Structural wall is the wall and is usually the one supporting the building. Thick bold lines symbolize structural walls. The non-structural wall is used to separate the rooms and thin lines signify them.

Floor layout

Floor layout will help you understand how the room allocation. Room allocation will depend on an individual. Like some will like the kitchen to be the main entrance due to the frequency of grocery purchase. Others would wish to have the living room to be the main entrance as they always host visitors.

Size and shape

Floor plans come with some numbers on the side which is a representation of the actual size. A floor plan will, therefore, give the dimension of the length and the width of each room and also for the entire building. A floor plan will also show the shape of the rooms. These two will give
the homeowner a clear picture of every room.


Homes are made of the ceiling. The ceiling is also indicated on the floor plan. The symbol of a ceiling is usually a dotted line. The height dimension of the ceiling can either be shown underneath the room dimension or on the plan.

As has been explained above, it is essential to understand your floor plan. This will help you plan well for your home purchase after assessing your financing commitment along with the condo purchase price. With a floor plan, you can make better choices of what works best for you.